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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Artist

  If I were a florist,
the problems that prick and distress you,
I'd clip and nip them,.

  If I were a painter,
I'd 3-D paint your worries,
so all you'd have to do is look at them.

 If I were a photographer,
I'd go through hell to get you,
a Polaroid picture of the Pearly gates God abreast.

  If I were an astronaut,
I'd bring you the moon, defy the norms
so we'd never have to go there for me to prove my love

  If I were a Librarian,
you'd be my favourite book,
I'd read only you in a room full of jealous books

  If I were engineer,
I'd build you a locomotive to take you to the Bermuda-
triangle, so like Columbus you would "discover"

  If i were God,
I would give you my magic wand,
and the whole world would be in your hand

Ayeh, I am only a poet,
a medley of the above;
An artist; a replica of the creator.

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