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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Four wives, one season...

I understand females in the world are more,
But honestly, I don't want to be a male whore.

Don't get me wrong, I want options like Heffner
and a play house where I can play kwepena
without actually having to hit on her-
yet still stand the chance to get with her...

Or them... :)

And then there's a lot of things that tickle my fancy
like chicks with no weaves or baggage that's heavy to heave,
ladies with no hair that look and rap like Eve
and when it comes to soccer they can play all evening.

I want a woman that can cook, clean and protect me like a mukiga,
But I have to say this carefully away from Fahima,
the feminist general that'll take me for a crazy individual
asking for too much yet I meet her half way as I hunch back.

Most times, I also want a woman that can do what I do,
so as we spoon in the room we can share the same food,
literally rhyming in poetry as we gradually get in the mood
where the moon will be our only witness as she moans n croons


God! I wish- I could- have them- all...
But its impossible! Its like asking Steve hawking-
to try and not look like he is gawking
or maybe just to try a little bit of dancing...

And I'm not poking at his disability,
the truth hurts and puts most of us out of ease.
It's like when I'm flirting I'm like geez nigga please,
you can't last five minutes and there you are trying to tease.

But that's the truth to me cause I barely get enough training,
so four wives in four seasons is a deal breaker,
Ayeh four wives at the same damn time is a jail encounter!
and if you ask me, I can attest and tell you about my father.

Although, that's not my story to tell,
I'm just out here trying to live my "pre-ordained tale"
in which I hope is a fairy tale of some kind of forever-
yet forever makes me wonder if she'll /they'll love me any better...

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