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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 18 October 2015

I want to be.[performance piece]

I want to be SLIM, For to be slim; 
supremacy lies in me! 
The hope is you see- 
I'm already from Alkebulan;
the mother land and not Babylon; 
therefore, I'm proud heir to a throne 
of supremacy having been born- 
in this mighty kingdom where poetry, 
is gold marrow rocking in our bones.


I know white guys that know guys like me, 
that think black guys are stupid!
Crazy I think black guys like me know that 
their are white guys that are stupid!
Which puts us in between and makes us twins 
because we shares genes which therefore means- 
we're all stupid! Yet the truth is we are all ingenious... 


I want to be a competitor because 
competition makes me better 
but i want to be unlike the shilling 
that's grinding and milling negative feelings 
among people that could probably kill for a shilling 
for they are living on the ceiling and now the sky rocketing billing! 


Albeit, I want to compete with those that aren't elite-
like Lucifer the true deter who strums my heart like a guitar,
yet if I skinned him and wore him like fur, 
I'd boss to success in this duniya.


I want to be one not two not three,
so if I made it to four I'd moon walk back to one.
But everyone wants to be the one so in turn,
I will be nil nothing until my empty soul-
receives its blessing 'til I am one with God.


I don't want to be a tourist of tragedy,,
caught in an abyss of jealousy, 
yet I bought tickets to addis,
for I was running from habits,
where people quick as mating rabbits,
hamper their only hobbies hating-
on secret opponents that barely know of it!

I want to be happy like a hippie-
till you're like really? 
why is this guy acting like a hilly billy,
doing silly nilly willy yet really,
what is the deally yet ideally-
this could get me a milli to take to my family, hihi

I want to a funny guy so I can spread infectious joy
but I'm no Chris rock that lucky mother; lover.
Oh well, at least I strive to be an inspiring, 
So hear me out mother, father, sister, lover, 
brother from another mother, 
In life we often desire to barter trade for better-

Do you often wonder why whatever we have, 
puts us under the weather yet if we seek shelter, 
under those that overshadow us we can never be better!

For example 

I'd also like to have Selena for dinner,
but she often catches a whiff of my reefer-
then as I quiver from the fuel used as preserve 
things start to differ for she hates smokers, 
and their bad breath that lingers...

So I am loser and I excuse her,
for instead of helping me get better, 
she leaves me wither!

I want to be so many things, 
but I can only be me! 
A newer updater version of the old me. 


I am

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