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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The prototype

The names Chuck, Chuck Yagwe.
I'm relatively an intellectual
With a hint of love that's retro
'Cause they say the old didn't let go.

I'm programmed to entertain,
coded to cook and clean,
buy flowers on my way home,
and take care of kids when I'm home alone.

I participate in conversation,
listen diligently rather than hear.
never respond vehemently,
and handle my lady with fragile care.

When asked I plate my lady's hair
in twists, swaz, tuts and do's of relative gist.
For no reason I buy gifts for my lady
unlike the average man that gifts after being shady...

I'm hardworking, smart, and ambitious
Ayeh I also make time for chemistry's art.
I'm funny like the comedian Kevin hurt
but tall enough for a romantic tip toe kiss.

I'm manly like Hugh Jackman
yet cute like Channing Tatum,
I'm a close to a hopeless romantic
yet have aspects of commando dramatics.

Sometimes I sing like ed sheeran
when I'm out on candle light dates.
and when I'm with my lady and her mates,
I turn my swag on and rap like Jay z.

I don't piss on the toilet sit,
that wasn't programmed to fit,
I sit to piss instead of play the game of miss
so at night my miss takes a comfort piss.

I make kamsutra love to my woman,
she crafted me with the right "torpedo",
not too big and with just the right wiggle,
so when I shoot the results are explosive!

I don't watch football, I watch cook shows,
but I'm sporty when its time to act naughty.
I don't have female friends, only a "mother"
But I twitch and malfunction when I see a "shawty"

I open doors, barely have flaws
But recently I started to drop jaws
when a voluptuous woman draws me...
I fear I might be male-functioning

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