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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Last words

Out of no where you came like a snowflake.
my eyes in agape exclaimed amazement,
as if I watched the Messiah trickle down-
from the clouds that haze out heaven.

Your snow white appeal appeased my taste,
so my taste buds at ease rose to attention;
aware of your consuming presence ...
Tis at this point where I went wrong!

I allowed you to touch me but you shoved,
and I fell, nay! I dropped and got bruised-
by excessive butterflies and goosebumps;
that overwhelmed my heart and skin.

Hope and faith got the best of me...
They moved our love mountain in my mind,
until reality sent an avalanche of misery,
and once again I fell but to rest in pieces.

I'd burry the hatchet, ayeh;
you axed and threw me into a casket,
left me for dead without a eulogy;
surely, how will I close my own casket?

Had I known you were like the season,
I wouldn't have given my all to you...
I hope one day as seasons do, you come back
and at least lay a wreath where I lay.

for my epitaph reads "Awaiting closure"

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