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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Promiscuous Desire

Promiscuous Desire

The gazelle in your chest,
runs fast from the predator;
the jungle lion, til' tis
hunt down n' battered-
with heavy paw and claw,
blood on the floor-
skips beats and weeps-
the mighty one feasts.

I have felt its power,
I have felt its prowess,
its finesse and stealth.
I have succumbed to it;
as it incinerates, and-
penetrates with precision-
like a motored chainsaw,
dicing through each cell,
speeding in streaming blood,
from the heart to the body,
busting open the brain,
having delighted and reveled;
in sexual extravaganza.

Resistance is a mental riot shield.
For the sober, it's made of iron,
able to resist over time.
Once battered by soft touch,
it melts due to heat produced.

Once it's fuelled by the poison,
that gasses the human ego,
to be bold and emphatic,
its  paper thin armour-
is infiltrated by a mere circle;
of a finger over a goblet.

Till strange silk soft skin,
is washing over rough hide,
and satisfaction is derived.

When truth is revealed,
or deviously attained-
distrust awakens...
And the gazelle of your lover,
injured by broken  promises-
turned into dire miscarriages,
often returns for vengeance.

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