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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

16 bars of Togetherness

I'm hanging by the rail all cool I'm a droplet,
my girl on my left got twins call them couplets,
see when we burn, we burn like matchsticks,
I wine in her diner and I never use chopsticks,
I have a disorder, I need to be de-wormed,
but her i'm Hugh hefner, I can't be dethroned
I could leave her all alone but she's the magic for my tragedy,
So were stuck together, like logic to humanity.
I'm her damn vanity, I heal her like a remedy,
I'm tending to insanity, I need her like my sanity.
and charity, is her to me, she's my little deity,
she prays for me and sucks for free,
she good for me like lemon to tea.
Every time I'm feisty, she reduces my intensity,
she got propensity to handle my huge density;
an HD lover, gives me loving with some clarity.

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