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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

love, love, love

You nauseate me and make me sick.
I have tried to run, I can't hide.
I have tried to learn, but I've failed.

You have broken a part of me,
that I once thought was boneless.
I have healed the fractures,
and somehow I want more.

You often drown me,
but I want to swim within,
the depth of you waters.
Go scuba diving and enjoy the thrill.

I can not do without you,
you're the plan and the way,
and my way is the path less trodden-
to a place where we both belong.
You have sent me off to many people,
in an effort just to get at you,
but you seem to be leading me on;
It makes me want you even more...

It's crazy, people, duck, hide a run from you.
I wish they knew you're not out there to seek them..
I guess you never know what you need till you've felt it,
held it in your hands and known what it's all about...

Love, love, love,
You stupid bastard!

What's this game your playing?
I'll smoke you out if I have to,
when I get you, I'll pay your ransom-
So I can keep you all to myself.

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