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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Perfect distraction.

Perfect distraction.

You're a heaven sent I.M,
sent through my Gmail,
when I catch the IMS

like a mantra in my head,
playing over and over on repeat,
clearing my thoughts, I can't press delete.

You're like a snorkel mask,
without you I'd be drowning,
instead of death I delve in your depth,

I gaze at you every stolen moment,
you embedded my eyes with magnets,
It's no wonder I can't ogle at all else,

As you flatter by like butterfly,
beautifying my wild flower mind,
taking away pollen of stress,

You're a shooting star,
you whisk me away in the moment,
and make me cheat on the full moon.

I can't walk straight by you,
I am always drunk in love,
so I stagger in your presence.

You're like a sweet aroma,
unwrapping my hunger pangs.
diverting my chain of thought,

like a painting on the wall,
marvellously sketched,
I could stare at you till you fall.

For you're like a good read,
the world comes to a stop,
as I revel in all that you reveal.

I barely dream in my sleep,
If so, you're right by me,
counting bleating sheep.

You're that innocent child,
crying out loud, and waking me-
from sleep to check why you weep.

You're that person about to-

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