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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Picture a tizzy moment,
filled with ever green laughs,
sky blue peace,
cascading tears of joy;
a beautiful scenery,
cut out of a glossy magazine;
a replica of heaven.

Picture a rush of blood,
through hollow veins,
Goose pimples creeping-
throughout your body,
with your heart pacing-
at horse speed,
reaching its climax,
and the moist feeling-
of luscious lips,
enslaving yours....

Picture a deemed situation,
feathered up with-
straight lurid lights,
let your mind zone out
in the venomous cold,
that obliterates joy
 and paints you red in fear...

Picture a situation
of inept capability,
words preying the air,
from blurting lips.
harmful actions,
teasing words,
unfair mind games.

Life unfolds pictures of every kind,
we choose which ones to be still in.

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