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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Where's the happy in Independence?

(Independent independence.)

I had dreams of of setting you free,
free from the grasp of my fist-
so you could fly past the water,
like a pelican out to grab fish;
opportunity, but I am selfish,
you could say I do not monger-
So I decided to stay a longer.
To lash you with my whips-
hoping to make you stronger.
But I was freeing myself in turn,
hoping along the way I'd foster you
into what you cried for; independence...

They say I tamed you the wrong way,
but what was your way without direction?
A map which you lacked, or so I thought.
but I am selfish; I thought for you,
I whipped you tirelessly like Jesus,
only to push you to the right direction.
Something they say broke you;
although, freed me and aroused-
your yearning for independence.
you sacrificed your pride and now,
like raging bulls you want it back.

You had dreams of being let go,
so you sought independence,
freedom from my infidel reign,
yet I tried to instil in you religion,
to free you from pain and disdain
So you'd restore shalom in your homes,
pride in your lives but you're cowards.
You fear the whip like a herd,
you scream but never to be heard,
for I have locked you up in fear,
I depend on you for my independence...

You say I tamed you the wrong way,
Did I not whip into the right direction?
Aren't you bowing to my every whim?
You fear the whip like a herd,
You scream, but never to be heard.
for I have locked you up in fear,
You have succumb to the lashes,
and crawl in puddles of blood
I am selfish, I gain from refraining you
You're a bunch black cowards,
all you gain from pain is shame.
yet how you still strive through it
to achieve your independence,
is something I must commend.

For you're making your way out of the pit,
hauling me out of your seat.
You are lighting your candles of hope
and standing firm to be independent,
Or so you think- a candle wanes and waxes out.
The truth is I set you off track,
as I had sent you far enough off course.
Now you are wings, I am head-
on this journey of independence,
your wings carry me to freedom.
while you bare the weight of burden,
I have for a long time bestowed onto you-
you are free, broken and independent.
Where is the happy in Independence??

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