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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Don't mess with Hajat! [performance piece]

I found her packing bags,
nali simanyi nti naye anoba,
so I shoved her to the bed,
started acting all possessed,
grabbed open her case and stressed,
what the duck is this?
Where do you think you're going?

I trigger switched emotions,
it's like I had bipolar...
So I tried to cool off-
pulled the tie off my collar,
then by the door I tried-
to corner her and kiss her,
and she shoved me off;
you would think I had Ebola.

She kept putting her clothes in her bags,
I swear I almost hit her;
ayeh, I saw the weight on her eye bags,
I was giving her sleepless nights.
Then the tears in her eyes;
a deluge of misery-
alas her troubles too; a mystery,
I told her, baby, come her next to me.

She said "I'm leaving."
I told her "go head!"
She's like 'oh, you don't need me?"
Told her, "how about you who's leaving?"

I tried to get into conversation,
she's like "oh, now you want to talk?"
told her, "arguing won't solve this situation,
see I know I'm laconic,
but don't get into my head like chronic,
and knock me out with your diabolic words-
that you spit so fast like sonic.

Okay tell me this...
Do you still love me?
Are you taking my kids?
Will to come back home?
Will you miss me at all?
Will you crumble and fall
Without me there to hold?
What will you tell your mother?
Does your father have a gun?

Baby I know I'm stupid,
I'm always working out late,
but I do this for you and no one else,
see the dilemma is you want us both,
the money and me; your honey...
So when I'm out working late chasing money
you call me back say your lonely you need honey
make up your mind, I'm about to get an hunchback....

She said, "I'm leaving..."
I told her, "don't be stupid!"
She's said, "I've had enough"
I told her, "of WHAT!?"

She broke down and said,
"your family...They are all up in my space,
calling me this, calling me that,
telling me this, telling me that,
and then your aunt Baza,
I'm about to go Rambo on her ass,
if she don't watch the next thing she says.
so baby it's either you and me,
and oh lord please forgive,
you and your bougie family;
'cause I've heard enough,
I've been a good wife to you,
and baby I love you, you treat me right,
but every time we have a fight,
I'm just venting it all on you,
and I can't keep this boiling anymore..."

She said, "I'm leaving..."
I told her, "don't you dare!
'Cause I need you."
She said, "I need you too..."

And she cried, and she cried, and she cried,
and she cried, and she cried, oh she cried...
I hugged, and I told her I loved her,
said it'd be all alright!
And I dealt with those sons of....
My father!
And told them, Don't mess with Hajat!

Your old family and your new family,
are like wood and gasoline,
if there's a spark between the two-
you are bound to get a fire 'cause they just-
don't get along like a guy and a thong...

Separate the two,
for your old family-
was made for you.
If any of them chooses-
to leave they are fools.
For nothing stands firm like a family tree.
Ayeh, they should mind their business,
for respect is what binds us all!

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