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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Past the shore

It's intriguing how life is bitter-sweet.
One minute it's sweet,
the next you've dipped your feet-
into chills of bitter cold,
You're feeling under the weather-
under which weakness lives-
and you're its mistress,
so you cuddle her like a pillow,
hoping to find warmth,
hoping to find warmth...

I journal this for you, boo.
for you were feeling blue.
If you look past the shore,
you'll visualise and realise
that sad times often rise then demise...
Like the trembling bellow below the sea.
which hits with one selfish blow; ayeh
affects the whole sea which-
metaphorically consists of those around ye.
At the end of the day it settles,
and tides calm like clams.
So love with all your emotion,
and always look past the shore
if you forget the nature within you.

We are like the seas and oceans.
Deep with emotions that to rise like raging tides,
bubble with joy for a surfer to enjoy a ride,
and calm down in need of peace of mind.

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