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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I see, You see, and He sees [Performance piece]

(I see, you see, and He see's. )

My eyes tell me lies,
they see what is naked before me,
they see what God didn't hide,
the beautiful lies within which we lie.
These naked eyes,
they see elaborations of sin-
crafted by our own hands,
causing a fire in my mind...

I find that like a mine my mind,
explodes at the top like a cartoon.
For my mind has been exposed-
like the back of a baboon,
exposed to graphical content,
that has me in contempt,
for I am hell bent to sin, and
kissing Lucifer's ring.

These eyes, these little eyes,
often act like little spies,
seeking out distinguished sights,
of disturbing matters; encasing-
my mental state into an estate,
where even if I went blind,
I'd still have a pent house visual of;
things that cripple my fate...

These eyes, even while I lie,
trying to rest my weary mind-
envision a series of trivial videos,
where I often end up as the bad guy-
in dreams that I did not craft.

These eyes help me play the blame game.
where I pitch ball my sight and bulls eye,
upon something dark, guttural,
blood squirming, and gnashing...
Where I then choose to play God.
I judge others as if I'm the one that-
lays up on a cushion cloud and says cut!
When I'm unsatisfied with a scene in this movie called life.

These eyes are what keep me behind,
behind the gates of glory,
where brethren hath not seen misery.
where worry is a dead end-
on heavens road map and glory is-
a yellow brick road made of gold that-
we trek on all day long at home...

Life is blinding #Conjolted poetry
Life is blinding, we look but do not see. 
These eyes have made me blind,
I look but I do not see.
Yet in my mind I comprehend,
and apprehend the truth; but,
I have failed to decimate it and-
see that it sparkles an essence;
that cannot fade ; a piece of peace-
like tree shade; a glimmer of hope,
for me to seek, keep, preach, and-
teach to my fellow sheep that are;
sick of the same disease.
This myopic disease where we fail-
to see beyond our earthly needs and desires.

These eyes help me feel things-
as they excrete tears expressed in-
moments I fear will make me tear-
faith into bits and pieces and ask God;
Is this how you planned to-
perpetrate this? turn us into bishops,
to worship and praise you ardently-
on this chess board of life trailed-
to a diagonal preordained course on-
which you push us towards and hurt us...
Then makes us walk plank!

What is this when I cannot see my-
soul purpose in this life despite this epiphany?

Yet these eyes, these oak brown eyes,
sometimes called lion eyes often make me,
a blind eye shy from being an exceptional being!
One acceptable within the eyes of our supreme being
but I keep sinning and thinking about self yet God,
God gave me breath and life to test if I'm worth-
eternal life now tell me is He Just god or a Just God?

He who gave me these eyes that tell my souls story,
that reveal its burning fire; the worry within me,
yet if I seek to reveal me to He that is above we,
I will see the beauty of his ubiquitous love-
that fills, surrounds, and blesses me.

You see, with these God given visionary eyes,
I visualised a cliff edge off which I fell,
and landed into the woman of my prayers.
A woman so beautiful I went blind,
for it used to hurt to see such stunning beauty!
But I forget it is God who bestowed her unto me

And these eyes help me visualise what she-
doesn't see, a future of her and I-
aside like bonnie and cylde as we ride,
3miles/hr heading to the inside of an alter,
with cupid on our side shooting arrows-
in our eyes till they die cause love is blind.
It stands the stormy weather raising tides.
But these eyes are witnesses of my lies,
trying times, and ravishing tides,
that nail me down like the messiah-
when I am walking through the fire
Of what often lays and crosses by me,
and makes me forget the man I strive to be...

Sultry temptresses attempting to tempt-
my will and side track me off my wheel,
and then lead me to write my will of loves death,
after giving into free will and succumbing-
to undressing the dressing that 'they' wear in protest,
that God uses to test me or should I say we men...

Who I often see falling, falling, falling

Falling #Conjolted
This is what they mean when they say
you're in too deep, 'bra..'

To the depths where there is no return and only God can catch us...

You see we are blind to self control, I'm appalled!
We can't resist to miss the hype yet the irony is,
we remote control ourselves, to do-
the damage we do, we are doomed!
Yet dooms day is just a Friday away, and-
death is its portal that sucks us away any day,
any time but with our eyes none of us can see this.
eternity is well nigh and our green card to the-
green lavish Eden is a clean heart, a clean heart, a clean heart...

I dug deep into myself and inside out,
I pulled out my soul and let it QnA the temple;
where my heart lays for my eyes have failed to see my mistakes...
I found that this shell, this shelter, this being is
rotting inside with lies, vanity and fear;
a recipe for calamity; a dark place; an orbit of disgrace!

I closed my eyes to my selfishness,
saw what the seeds I sowed had brought, and-
I accepted that except if I intend to live in deception,
I am not and will never be exceptional before God

until I accept Him to auto pilot my life and guide me...

I see, you see, and He see's. Are you exceptional ?

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