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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Oluvanyumma (Afterwards)

Mummy heavy in the belly
carried a baby in her tummy,
given to her by baby daddy,
till the baby came to join the family...

Oluvanyumma lwe kyo,
tutambuza ebigere byenkere,
netu gwa mukidiba kyensi,
netuwuga kuba tutya okufa!

Nanti babah bamaze otuzaala...
Ngawo tutandisa okuza enjala,
nga mama yatulissa munjuba,
aliinze, muguminkiriza paka wetukula!

Being young was easy,
they'd breast feed you,
serve and heed to your needs
and all was done as you please,

Till it's time for you to join school-
before you actually know,
you're going to be in it forever...
Only to attain vast knowledge
without the tools to apply it.

Some for some reason love it,
others dread the first day onward,
ayeh, we live through and through-
till we make our way out.

Oluvanyumma lwe kyo,
tutambuza ebigere byenkere,
netu gwa mukidiba kyensi,
netuwuga kuba tutya okufa!

Nanti abamu tubatulowoza,
biwede kumbe byakatandika,
ateh nga abambu babikowa-kowa dah!
Bagala wuga mu maazi mawanvu!

Only to join the University system,
some unaware of what they want to pursue,
others out of free will opt to cheat to success,
it's mess I tell you these "cards we're dealt."

Others follow an orthodox path,
taking on their serene passions
becoming alienated from the norm of society,
till one day they accomplish their goals.

Within this time, desires grow,
most are sexually inquisitive,
so giving birth becomes a norm,
and celibacy is a known myth,

While imbibing in drugs, partying-
celebrating fulfilment in nothing.
are strategies to subdue dreadful reality,
pursued on this quest of many roads...

Out of which; only some graduate,
while others re-do failed papers,
for the "success system" is against them,
as if it's a clear cut measure or determinant-
yet the variables all play against uncertain odds..

Oluvanyumma lwe kyo,
tutambuza ebigere byenkere,
netu gwa mukidiba kyensi,
netuwuga kuba tutya okufa!

Awo nga tweyongedeyo,
amazi gafuse mawanvu Nyoo!
Bano tebakyali baano,
abamu balowoza tokyafayo,
naye nga bambi ensi ekunyize olimugezako!

You now need a job and you pray to lord,
but can barely work as hard as Job.
Your busy parents did a fine job of raising you,
some of your friends are living the "good life,"
bali mu motooka zabwe ba vuumya goodlyf.

Some can barely afford a pair of jeans,
yet struggle daily to live over and above their means.
Then your parents start passively scolding you,
asking you what next and if you could,
you'd just stay home it's the safest place...

Ayeh, they want you to grow up,
you've graduated and they need you to show up,
to show them that their education has paid off.
I call it theirs because they invest in it-
with hopes that it will yield returns...

So you send in your applications,
while others are being employed,
to run family businesses or because-
they know the who and what of Kampala...

Your friends start asking you why you're lost,
your love life is busy hanging on the cliff;
the pregnancy scares are real,
you're worried about your competition
somewhere out there in Makindye...
That's cashing or filling in more than you ever will;
basically, you're stressed out but you hide behind a smile
because the world doesn't entertain the weak!

Oluvanyumma lwe kyo,
tutambuza ebigere byenkere,
netu gwa mukidiba kyensi,
netuwuga kuba tutya okufa!

Awono, abamu bazade,
babakuziza bafuse bazade,
abamu tebwaakede bakyebase,
abala bakuba byeyo ensi fena etunyize,
abamu ebirabo batulide,
aga abala bakolo na mbiiro ensi bajitide!

Having kids is always a new and scary experience,
but I've been told by the "old,"
there's a way to handle it all;
after all, after first time you've crossed "the line."

The worrying part is getting married,
especially in these times where trust is an issue,
and love's been nipped in the bud and superseded by lust.
But, the society expects you to marry,
have a wonderful family and stable career

Yet jobs are scarce and partners are meagre...
Nonetheless, you start to hear about "kwanjula's,"
the baby mama and baby daddy drama,
how your friend has become a second wife,
and for some reason your growing apart from family.

You're going to burials every changing season,
some people are getting fired and rehired,
people have turned gay, many are starving,
others have "made it," most have faked it,
everything is moving so fast! (EH!)

Ayeh, you know what,
time will always fly by...
whether you keep up or you don't,
whether you get a job or your broke,
whether you're the richest out there,
whether you have ten kids or two,
or whether you waste away your life,
It'll will always fly by,

It's that one constant man can't constraint,
the other is towards where time is chasing us...

Ensonga yoku tontoma kuno eri emu,
ebyensi olusi bebeera bizibu,
naye olusi feh abeteka mubizibu,
naye mbakubiriza, mubera baguminkiriza,
ateh temuvuganya nensi koba yo olusi-
etambuza speed ya yiri yiri!
Nolwekyo, kola kyokola tofanga kubantu,
kubanga byokola obikolelah gwe!
Nante, bulyomu kunsi asubidwa okufa,
neera temutya, kale ko mutye ensi tujilese tutya?
Bana bajukira mubulungi oba,
baja ba bekuba obwama nti tumuwonye?!

Neyanziza, neyanzege,
mukama abakumeh.

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