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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The age of the lonesome [Performance piece]

If you've been wondering (Cm)
why its so cold, (Fm)
and you just don't know (Cm)
what's going on, what's going on? G#- G

Truth is diminishing like a faint scent,
so conversation is a dinner plate of food,
spiced up with lies, gossip, and curses,
as honesty in a misty scent floats away...

We now pay for sex in different currencies,
so street prostitution is no longer "the sin,"
the absurdity is conservation and waiting,
so virginity has been yellow taped like,
a crime scene and it's obscene to be within.

Money has become an unorthodox din,
the blind are the congregation of this cult,
and with their white canes they tap, tap, tap,
impatiently trying to trap, trap trap cash;
ayeh, even if they feel it, their ardent desire,
for it to stack up makes them stuck up-
prouder than others that aren't worshipping,
or giving into the rituals of this creed.

Greed fueled by money, power, sex, drugs,
rumbles within our hearts in lack thereof.
So we seek to feed ourselves desperately,
willing to cut throat in cut throat situations,
as some back bend without orientation,
presenting themselves for butt strokes,
in order to earn what they think it's worth.

In street shops I purchase certain things,
but my ignorance is toyed with by the seller,
they cheat me with deceit till I throw a feat,
but I throw it at home after realising my,
ignorance is bliss but this makes me sullen.

The marriage ring is now the shame ring,
and married men have been endorsed-
to advertise it as they hit on young bloods,
rather than be home with their wives,
who have also resorted to being recorded-
flooding the social media with profanity.

If religion is the pinnacle of our judgement,
we're losing because we are decadent...
Muslims despite being strict and reserved,
keep their sin reservoirs clogged to the top,
with fornication; the sweetest of all vices.

So instead of binging and being gluttonous-
on alcohol and pork like their "enemies,"
the cold world pushes us to seek "warmth,"
that some have resorted to derive in vanity,
yet we are unappreciative of what we have;

Hitlers without moustaches nor fire arms,
to shoot down the helpless societal ghandis,
but minus food, we leave them to starve,
and when they resort to theft they're stoned-
yet he without sin should be the first to cast,
but if he does he goes quickly out his gourd,
becoming another disobedient miscreant.

Those sans religion are free like Pigeons;
emancipated from handicapping beliefs,
free to express selves through decisions,
wrought by their own heart, mind, and soul,
rather than enacting tales of the pedagogies-
which most men struggle to comprehend,
but choke hold their beliefs and deceive-
others as if they received them from Sinai.

The trouble is most of us are hard-hearted,
we've failed to learn from all these sources,
then complement each others knowledge,
yet God has strived to reach out to all of us-
in different languages, in different forms,
despite those that strive to distort the Gmail-
the God mail that some have lost faith in;
hence, why atheism is now an exit door-
from the confusion we have caused...

We are void of God; liberated orphans!
We killed Him; He who once was love,
reigning in our hearts and teaching us trust.
so we filled empty souls with insecurities,
that have caused vanity, lust, and greed,
sins henchmen competing for our light
To then over shadow us and take over.

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