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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Red eye plague

I don't want a red eye plague when I leave,
I want saxophones to be played in vibrato,
violins to squeal deep into peoples souls,
as they reminisce over my visit on earth.

I want people to laugh over my silly ways,
to laugh about my random one liners,
or maybe about my attempts to be funny,
and if they laugh, I pray their salty cheeks

Feel the chilled free fall of tears of joy,
the kind you can't control like a high,
the kind you'd wipe away with your fingers
'cause most people don't carry hankies.

You'd expect a handkerchief to be necessity,
on those so called black themed affairs,
where loved ones cheat on us with death;
ayeh, it turns out, not all are weeping a loss.

I don't want a red eye plague when I leave,
I want people to be happy that I dropped in,
I want loved ones to find hope in the truth,
because the truth unveiled to us a certainty

That all will be lost, but all will rekindle,
that some learn the unquantifiable value
of what God wants to give us before hand;
hence, why he tests us before He reveals...

I wish I'd die along side all those souls,
I share with an invisible Bluetooth bond.
so that sadness would never batter them,
along side the whirl wind of red eye tears.

I don't want a red eye plague when I leave
Lord help me eschew that burden we heave

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