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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 5 December 2013



I am a child of Afri-Ca,

We are “black.”
the mightiest of the mighty.
we bare a skin
which is far less fair but rare-
African Class #Conjolted Poetry
African Klass
like a black rose.
It's no wonder those who stare,
tend to become feisty,
for the skin we bare is precious,

We have been deemed
as descendants of the cursed,
yet he who deems-
only seeks to be endorsed,
hence forth claiming superiority,
and a legacy of white supremacy.

Do we not know equality?
Do we not have shame like Shem?
They claim to be blessed but only-
seek to tarnish our image like Ham.
and they call us the cursed breed,

Verily, we are a descendants of the lash,
children of the whispers of misery...
I may know nothing of being treated harsh,
but I-we are now victims of mental slavery.

Where the battle to be the superior race continues,
the gun play fired using HD propaganda as an avenue.
and still, the Caucasian is portrayed of preference,
as "Ham's descendants" are driven into cultural decadence.

A mind play of sorts,
where our ethnicity ends up-
stabbed by mental swords.
for your mind dwells in fear,
making you feel inferior.

Someone called it the human race,
surely it is because we are all striving to be the best.
The lord, in the presence of darkness brought light,
so if it be a race, we came first...

Ayeh, in all our hearts is a vast light,
a light of oneness and togetherness;
a spiritual light governed by peace
yet constantly we battle, why?

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