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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

This Christmas

This Christmas, yah Allah,
I ask of you, to bless us with new heroes.
for many of our righteous fall daily.
having fought the good fight for us,
but you called them to join you early;
nonetheless, we are still pushing forth,
striving not to drown out here in the deep,
where many confine and asphyxiate us.
So many humans as you know aren't fed,
and chances are some more will not make it,
Ayeh, I beg to defer; some are in wellness-
for they have tried, and keep on trying,
but it is only by your hand that we can be fed.

So dear lord in this time of togetherness,
amid frost bite cold that calls for unity.
May your new heroes, despite our troubles-
fill big shoes and live to see many years.
The kind of years lived by our forefathers
and hopefully many generations of good,
filled with earnest and genuine youth.
serving one another and respecting elders.

May the cold bring with it tremendous joy;
and a need to be together and stand as one.
may the lonely meet lasting company,
for dire times of misery brought agony.
May there be good health and wealth,
and may the positive change of another,
reciprocate three-folds unto others.
May we learn to love, and love to love
for it is what keeps us tied to you.

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