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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Something about me...

My name is Balunywa Ibrahim, son to Juma Waswa Balunywa and a beautiful lady named kifuko Florence.
I am, the sixth of ten children under the big family tree and, the fourth and last under my mother's home where I live.
I grew up in a household with many kids, my paps must have had a blast back then- LOL. If he saw this I wonder what he would say. Anyway, from him, I have learnt a lot but one thing I'd like to point out is that everything in life has a price. He surely has paid his price on raising all his kids. He managed to pay trips for us to see the world, and he gave us all we wanted.
You never understand the life of a an occupied parent till you become one or grow up. So at some point of life, I had this invisible grudge towards him until I bridged the gap and saw life as it actually is. A mystery of sorts. only those who long to find answers unveil it's beauty.
My father aroused emotions I did not like, I wrote about him, good and bad. The last piece I did on him was the one where I had reached a point of understanding. He is a quite man that loves give his all in whatever he engages in. I surely my father's son.

I am soft spoken, something I came to accept and acknowledge recently. That doesn't mean I can't play some hard ball if you try to start a war round the D. :)
I love basketball, I'm passionate about sports because it teaches many life lessons. How to share, how treat people, how to teach others to do things, how to pass on knowledge, how to love and so much more.
I used to swim- partially for my school team, but I hate coming out of the pool shivering like a wet cat, which is ironic, because I LOVE the cold. Okay, not the cold, COLD. Just the cold (a slight chill). I think it gives reason to look dapper and you know, make love.
 If you piss me off, I might cry. Just like I said, I'm soft, I hate that about me; a grown man crying, even telling you is hard. Ayeh, I recently took a much bolder approach to life. I tied my curtains in a knot, so even in the dark, you can see what's within this home.

I love the piano. The first time I played it I was really young; although, I managed to teach my self the melody to "my heart will go on" (I used to call the song "titanic"). Which until now, I can play, even on my keyboard. When I bought my keyboard, I felt like I had started piecing together life's puzzle. Everyone thought I was crazy for buying it, but hey! I don't know what life would be without it. There's just something serene about music. My plan is to write music that will push the youth in my country towards a sensible and educative growth. This is because music is influential over there and I would not mind doing something I love to do to help others.

I love to cook. I have this belief, if your going to have a meal, have a good meal. I'm not the best cook, I'm just passionate so I always try to do my best in the kitchen.

I'm a Muslim by practice and medium, I'm spiritual at heart, and mindful in reasoning. I believe in God and like to believe I'm a peaceful person. I hate arguments, I dislike rowdiness, I do my best not to indulge.

I love to learn, we live to learn don't we? So am the kind of person that loves to listen to what people say. Everyone has something to say, so I lend an ear to those that need it. You could say am a good listener, the truth is I don't talk much. I know people that hate me because of that ayeh those who understand me hand me a pen and paper, we could chat all day after that.
I started to write a whole lot in 2012, I think. Back in school, I always walked around with a notebook, I don't remember what it was for though, bad memories I guess. So they must be shut out.
I'v always hated school, not more than my sister Amina (seventh born). She was the master at dodging school. Taught me all the tricks in that unwritten book.  So anyway, my academics hasn't always been that great, it was always just, there.  Even my English and literature. Too mediocre. I have spelling issues, grammar issues and have trouble with concentrating. But my mother me pushed me, and here I am, writing a brief bio.
Writing has taught me a whole lot. I have gained confidence because of it. Im much more expressive, I can now play better basketball, I know that's crazy, but I  always messed up on things I would do perfectly with my team mates in practice when it was time for matches with people watching. Writing taught me that a little confidence can take you far. So I thank God for writing, and my mother- my number one fan. I am not much of a bomb-ass writer; ayeh, I'm taking that path...

Love, live, life.

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