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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 5 December 2013

I was beat!

The alarm sets me off,
I crawl out of bed-
hit the lavatory to shake it up.
Handled, dangled, and strangled-
I'm milked out.
I wash my hands, brush my teeth,
hit the shower, then try to comb my hair.
I manage through the pain and despair-
three hours later, I am set to go.
Minutes later, my hair's all messed up,
and I'm thinking, 'why did I even try?'
but I move on for I've got to start-
climbing the ladder of success. 

I start moving by taking out my pen,
I'm a writer, so I start to scribble.
The words juggle in my mind-
as I kick at them and dribble;
it's a beautiful feeling. I'm doing great.
Once I'm done, It feels like a good job,
I feel like I'm on a roll,
everyone around thinks wow,
well at least some of them,
others tell rainbow coated lies.
I have indeed done a good job,
unlike most, I've tried-
It's credible, worth applause.
I have succeeded at doing,
and the world has heeded.
Most never pick up their tools.
The problem is, falling for the hype.
once you earn praise, you feel conceited,
yet your work needs appraisal,
you need to tweak underlying flaws,
it's no wonder the doors,
leading to success won't budge.
I once felt like I had made it,
but I hadn't pushed hard enough
I had succeeded; ayeh, not quite.
So I started to feel beat!
This happened almost everyday...

You know,
maybe success should't be a matter of distress,
maybe we shouldn't be running it like a race,
maybe it passes us by as we are being insatiable
maybe it lasts momentarily like pressed clothes,
and gets creased when its beauty has been seen...

The fact of the matter is...
We all struggle daily,
to straighten out our path to success,
Some people get it right,
most try but don't do it right,
others rock creased clothes,
at the end of the day it depends,
on how you feel about it or look at it.

One last thing,
it's important to know,
you're not alone in the struggle,
and that you shouldn't let go.
Ayeh you should learn to look close,
success is everywhere,
it's often easy to miss it.
It's like that thing that's right there;
Ayeh, you're busy looking elsewhere.

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