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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Thursday, 5 December 2013


We r in the 21st century,
whr phonz r our new brains,
n everythn's fst n ezy 2 acces,
n if it's nt proc'st we prot'st,

So we eat fast fuds,
n driv fast cars.
We buy procs'd guds,
whine 'bout batry bars.

We cn fly as fa as mars,
bt blu tck all our flaws.
we desire quick cash
so mny opt 2 brek laws.

We fnd it all on hummingbird,
n fnd lve wth a click n search.
We wrk daily 4 a beta 2morow,
n leave the "last day" 4 church

Whyl week days r such a drag,
we striv to figur thngs out-
hukd 2 our pc's lyk drugs,
wonderin wtf lyf's 'bout...

Weeknds swish by us lyk stags.
thy cme in quik n say thy'll BRB,
then we're bck 2 wak lyk M.I.B.
ROTFL, 'coz we cn't b'lev it's Monday;

ur day 2 pay 4 dues you don't owe,
it's no wonder currency big huts,
conspia, contrl, bill n expl8 us-
4 ey revel in our anxiousness,

Yt hu of us can ad an hour-
2 our ungr8ful span of life?
we're all cowards in haste,
afraid of 2moro n bein laid 2 rest.

Tomorrow isn't garuanteed and today is a test,
so make your day count, don't just count it,
for our days are numbered it's no wonder-
they are as brief and concise as acronyms

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