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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Saturday, 7 December 2013

To be, or not be?

To be, or not to be?

The man of your dreams,
who loves to watch you slumber,
by your side will never grow sombre,
and treats you like a treasure,
a man who loves ye, yet

Only plays on your mind ;
dances to your endless desire,
allures you to a dependent empire,
and marries your body in birth attire;
the man of your dreams.

Your ordinary jay walker
who ambushes you on heaven's pathway.
where the roads lead to many ways,
Some joyous, some monotonous, some fray,
where we can praise and pray all day.

But I am no beautiful jay,
I'm a growling lion; prideful,
a stereo typed man; deceitful,
and a conceited fool!
I'm only a sweet-talker.

The man that holds your hand,
is amicable and doesn't treat you perverse,
treasures you like a sacred psalm verse,
and treats all your wants and needs like a nurse;
a man sent to be your slave.

Or the man that will never cave,
a man of kingly stature,
elegant, prim, and dapper in nature
one that's treasured and loves to pleasure,
a man sent by God's hand.

To be the captain of your ship,
ready to make and take decisions,
to lead you into loves deep sea with his vision,
rowing you back and forth to satisfaction;
a man that will get you there..

Yet just another jack sparrow spare.
One that is lazy and acts like a bum;
dependent to the rivers of beer and rum,
drawing out of him series of harm,
halting his chances to captain ship.

To be your florist,
one that plants seed as he deflowers,
nips the bud of the worries that make you cower
and lives up to his words till the last hour;
A man for you, a man to stand by you.

Or the man that can take care of your farm for you;
ploughs to your every need,
fumigates your worries with heed,
then with his hoe, plants a seed;
eventually, running away like a tourist.

To be the man that won't lie,
The one that speaks truth as a whole,
despite the fact that it might break a soul.
one that respects your principles above all,
even if it’s going to break him in.

Yet he that lies easily draws you in;
speaks part truths and sails through,
avoids breaking soul so you won't be blue,
as he cuts his cakes and cheats on you,
Tells plenty more lies get him by.

To be the man that hates you,
treats you like shit and beats you,
comes home late and mistreats you,
demands for food yet never makes you stew,
never holds your hand, and always goes like eeww.

Or the man that actually loves you,
cares for you and treats you like a princess,
gives you everlasting love that's priceless,
never selfish and never has a mistress.
but sadly you claim he can't do you.

To be the man that loves you from a-far,
a man that no matter what will never waver,
a man that calls you all night as you prefer,
a man that gives you time unlike your lover,
yet deep down, his another boy,

always seeking out love with ploy,
masking his face with your preference,
calling you names like it makes a difference,
playing the game no matter the distance;
a man that surely loves you from a-far.

To be the man that loves you,
one that has always stood abreast,
and like the usual ogled at your peeping chest,
a man right for you but you're still in quest
so you leave him with the title “friend.”

Toying with him like a current trend.
Yet in the places you find pleasure,
they only long to stick a finger,
and coupe de grace on you like a dying soldier,
Then you turn to your saviour who no longer loves you.

To be your lawfully wedded husband.
one that loves you even more in ill condition,
one that will stay true even in a jobless situation,
one that makes loving you his soul mission.
and respects the culture of the ring,

Yet you, his wife, play unfair in the ring.
cheat when opportunity gives you chance,
break him down with stress and kill his stance,
marry his money and leave him in an instance,
closing the door to a love so grand.

To be, or not to be?
That is my question,
yet still the answer goes unmentioned

To be, or not be?

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