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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Autumn falls.

Autumn and I we're-
leaves off the same tree.
when she blossomed,
we fell for each other.

When wind took a toll-
I watched her go,
and winter picked me up,
in its ice cold palm.

I'm now stuck here-
glad that I met her yet sad,
for I'm about to crack,
in this ice cold palm.

I have hope in spring,
its rains are a testimony-
for release of pain and agony;
a chance for me to testify.

I wish I had you Autumn,
I'd have loved to kill for you,
a beautiful flower in the chill,
as buzzing bee picked its pollen.

To hold you by your hand,
roll over the green meadow,
smile and let tears of joy roll,
woe, you left me all alone.

Summer will come,
it'll make me scream;
this heat is not for lovers, 
at least I'm all alone."

Ayeh, how will I rest-
these troubled eyes,
whose tears will dry-
in short summer nights?

Woe, I'm still frozen in winter,
awaiting your arrival, autumn, 
eager for your season of love-
to blossom and fall again.

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