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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Detached Halo

He pulled off a king Arthur when he detached is halo,
letting loose his inhibitions for a great one like David,
and before his great Goliath fall desire took a toll.

Loud music,
thumping bodies,
off-beat dancers,
disco balls, dj box,
stamping feet,
discordant minds
intoxicated by wine,

Posterior atop dynamite,
whined n whined,
as waist lines twirled
using wasted minds,
when time was right,
lines got crossed...

Strangers on date night
mated on dance floor-
acting like lovers.
Friends in fun zone,
went wild like rhinos,
fuelled by liquored minds,
horns in need of decapitation.

His dynamite played possum
till lust burst like a bubble,
as she wined and bubbled,
as he surfed over the surface
of her scarlet red dress over
silk smooth mulatto skin-
tatted with birthmark on her back

It's was a light my fire affair,
he acted like he couldn't blow,
till she sat atop mighty throne,
and boom! She won.

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