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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The break through

My bones might crack and break
kindred like my heart for love's sake.

After a great fall, I might slip and slide,
trying to get up like a seal on sea side..

I might sweat and drip,
on this trillion mile marathon trip

ayeh, I promise you this,
my faith, I shall not dismiss ..

I might shade tears,
like a baby troubled by fear,

I might lose friends,
even after trying to make amends,

Family might break bond;
a bond which can never be cloned.

ayeh, I promise you this,
my faith, I shall not dismiss..

Money might bring forth treachery
rather treachery than anarchy..

People are going to die,
I'll get hurt and ask you why?

And at some point I will die,
at least I'll tell you I tried!

When I can't bleed nor plead no more,
or shed a tear or sweat like before-
my heart will be sore, I will be flawed
but I tell you this, oh lord...;
my faith will keep me at your door
banging till I break through...

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