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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Can you move the world?

Can you direct and manipulate your jargon,
to speak vibes to the masses and move them-
make them lay down their tools to join your wagon,
as you speak to their hearts and make them spark?

Can you shoot into the mind of a solider,
make him jump out a plane into chute?
In which as he glides dead to the mind,
and deaf to the stunning sound of guns,
he lives only to kill a man poisoned as he.

Can you con a man from being a devil to a saint?
Preach words of saints that make his evil faint,
paint his heart clean from the danger of being vain;
uplift him! Make him repent, and say Amen!

Can you drive a slug from bed as it lay fast asleep?
Make it snail out of bed and dawdle to trade-
to barter what it made from nail and hammer,
in order to honour the cost of bread and butter?

Can you drive fear out of a weary heart?
make it run out with it's hefty baggage-
as if to escape a coming deluge,
only to make way for David courage.

Can you lure riches of the poor and wealthy?
Make them cash in and bow down to your wishes,
as you preach and convince them of the unknown-
that moves mountains like faith and hope.

Can you move the world??

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