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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Johnny walker.

I'm drunk again on johnny blue,
having caught a case of mad blues,
Ayeh, with this bottle I will swig,
and write my blues into sparkling gold.

Humpty dumpty I was feeling empty,
sometimes you trip, sometimes you fall,
I often fall on this uncertain life trip,
so I go out drinking to fill my shell.

You never see it coming #Conjolted
It's hard to see the rocks that make us trip

Life is so uncertain. it's no wonder
we can't predict the rocks that make us trip.
and fall hard to the ground as we wander-
it's how I staggered to these words...

Love an armour with drama,
covers your heart like a bullet proof vest,
makes you feel comfy yet can cause you trauma-
when you close your eyes and get hit by lies.

Sometimes we get bewildered as we worry
'cause things we love make us sea sick and sink,
yet we're a smart lot all we need is to keep afloat,
so we can sail and keep on rocking boat.

So when I'm down sometimes,
I just keep drinking n drinking!
So no matter how much I'm tripping,
I never hang over to feel sombre.

I sipped on a fine brand of Johnny walker,
and despite my walking stick from many falls-
it's the only reason I'm still walking forth.

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