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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The bearded fellow II (An insight.)

The image portrayed by a beard-
is a fallacy to human expectation.

The truth and sin within,
is hidden beyond the cover-
of a "wise and holy book."
If you flipped it page by Page,
to read the details entailed,
the trails of the man behind the skin
blessed forest full with beard.
would shutter your glass eyes-
piece for piece for peace,
left this troubled fellow-
dues of its absence embezzled
by lies, worry, obscenity; a trinity.

Worshipped in different forms;
Music, the god of lies and obscenity,
which by religious distinct-
is meant to be left pristine,

Love, a spirit of joy and worry
whose vassal demands to be filled
yet the cause of emptiness, they say-
is the lack of spiritual contentment,

Lust, his sacred mother Mary.
love's relative yet not imperative-
demands to be filled yet is impervious.
for after penetration, the need-
to be replenished rises even more..

So this bearded fellow,
confused and often mellow.
battles a guise of self,
pampered by the reader,
that barely reads into depth,
the, worries, lies, trials,
why's and confusions-
that cause him to be fooled.

Indeed the lines are thin.
So thin from being pious,
he often falls victim of sin.
So thin from being assumed wise,
he often crosses over to foolishness.

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