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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 25 January 2015

It's all about riches...

The root of juxtaposition-
in the world as a society,
is the blinding cause of gold.
for to most it's all about riches...

In my country where roads-
stretch along in pot hole form-
leading to mansions of lords,
there sits the agony of storms...

Ayeh; that's not to say,
that way below the "line of glory,"
agony does not tell it's story...

The question is...

Would you rather tear in a hut or ch√Ęteau?

Riches are burdens yet glad tidings,
sparkling in hue yet blinding,
often more attractive when in lack,
yet not quite filling when acquired.

Many strive to stack "riches,"
those equipped try to flee the cold,
brought forth to them by money,
hence seek warmth in luxury.

As some stitch their old rags,
just to fake it as they wish for riches.
others splash their riches on harlots,
expecting in return "golden honey"

Yet to their surprise some bee hives are dry....

They call it lucky if a puppy-
has a kennel for it to lay and sleep.
Why is it unlucky if your car dies,
and a homeless guy saves your day?

Helps you push it off his lonely street,
where at night he sleeps calm n deep,
as you drive by him to a flashy hotel-
leaving your rental for ghosts to keep.

In Isa chappals Villagers are getting jiggers,
falling ill with cracks on their heels.
as uptown brothers are rocking snickers;
tons of pairs just to up their appeal-

Laughing at villagers looking poor as hell,
hell better come over to teach them like Yale.
ayeh, who am I to say what's fair n unfair-
yet behind my closet is a couple of pairs?

The riches we have give us pride and greed,
while the riches we lack make us desperate...
It's a battle caused by lack of contentment,
where if the root of troubles isn't heeded-

Some opt to large burrows of ales,
wines, and litres of Jack Daniels.
Habits of drowning away sorrows,
shared by both parties compared.

So purchase of these intoxicants,
they say, keeps the troubles at bay,
as the sailor sails deep into sea,
seeking solace in riches upstream.

We all want what we want,
these "riches," these hopes;
illusions we chase and tie to,
some could even take a life;
struggling to get their own lives...

It's all about riches,
yet if the dawn fails to rise in the morn,
all those who sought out the sun-
will leave the earth with none.

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