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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Ntambude ne kiibo,
ntambude ne kiibo,
ntuse mukatale,
waliyo abampita kapale.
nanti nesaze akawale,
'naye teri alaba e'kiibo?'

Ntambude ne kiibo,
ntambude ne kiibo,
buli jendaga baansika,
nanti boona banetaga,
kumbe nza yagala okulya.

Ntambude ne kiibo,
ntambude ne kiibo,
balekaana, balekaana,
balinga be bakuka emigo,
nga weba gezako opakasa.

They have veggies of all sizes,
and buyers from all races,
a comedian ku sada, (reefer)
looking for a little cheddar,
not cheese, I beg to differ
he'd rather have ki commando;
a mix of beans and chapati,
to gas him up then crack like Bahatti.

The street is packed
bright and early,
braced for the birds-
travelling with money
to bait and catch worms-
in haggling transaction
to leave in satisfaction..

I'm in Nakasero, with my kasero
struggling through market ruckus,
to fill it with veggies n groceries

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