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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Two cherries

Two cherries

I see it glowing in our hearts,
It's like two cherries on a twig.
If we plucked and harnessed this art,
will we turn it into wine and swig?

If we did, at the falls is where we'd end up,
to catch view of dazzling scenery...
I'd chauffeur you there in my pick up,
open the door for you to faux chivalry.

I'd reverse park for us to seat at the back,
lay cushions to seat on and cuddle,
hold your hand tight and thank lady luck,
'cause that evening we'd have jumped a hurdle.

When the sun sets over cascading fall,
as its rays shimmer with a rainbow hue,
I'll keep silent and let the moment take its toll.
After which, your heartbeat will switch when I kiss you...

When our eyes open and the sun is gone,
I'll unravel a lesu and sit across you.
The petals on it will have your mind blown,
you'll tear like a rose releasing dew.

I'll put candles in a paper bag,
protect them from the wind.
you'll complain about the bugs
I'll sing and skew your mind..

You'll joke over my awful voice but I won't drop my act,
till I see you laugh and smile your queer smile.
Then before my final tact,
I'll stare at you like it's been a while...

You'll ask me what's wrong,
I'll tell you I love you
and that with me is where you belong,
you'll blush, and I'll  laugh at you,

Afterwards, we'll dine,
and as the food melts in your mouth,
I'll pour you some vintage wine,
to wash it all down south...

Except my merry thoughts and lukewarm feelings-
from the drugs I'd be glad to be in your atmosphere.
I'd move closer to you to savour the feeling-
to let it last in its psychedelic sphere.

When this fantasy ends,
I'll eagerly wait to see what fate will send...

We are two cherries waiting to bloom,
if together, will our hearts beat to love's tune?

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