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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Monday, 26 January 2015

I am...

I am...

I am what I am,
And what I am
Is what I believe I am...

I am free will,
A contradiction of sorts
Where I choose the path of my destiny
Drafted out by God who's watching me

I am honesty,
yet also deceit,
I could lie and cheat
But choose not to accept defeat

I am peace
With a slight way of rage.
Therefore half indo
With a way of nature like Katrina

I am rich,
With a heart of gold
And poor with no money
To buy me bars of gold

I am rare
Like the stone sodalite
Yet also one in the same
A gem of similar specie

I am soulful
A chamber of hope, peace; freedom.
Yet also heartless;
I could beat one at the game of love

I am freedom;
Clouds; amorphous, colour; beauty
Yet a slave
Trapped in a body locked in society

I am joy
Bright and infectious like the sun,
yet also a paradox,
a clown filled with tons of sorrow

I am a believer,
for I choose to be one,
as God chose Jesus to be-gotten,
and Adam to be-made

I am a replica;
a copied cut from a similar hat,
uet the tricks in my bag can never match-
that of the maker and master

I am what I am-
and so much more,
and you are me
for we are OnE...

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