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Conjolted Poetry

Conjolted Poetry

Sunday, 25 January 2015

What rich doesn't teach.

Wealth is an ultimate goal for most,
ayeh is there essence in abundance-
if riches just lay there redundant?

Wealth could be in health, money,
shoes, cars, clothes, beauty or honey;
the sweet life averse from street life...

Riches have built roofs over our heads,
and fences of stone round our homes-
yet we're aloof towards our neighbours,
only to feel alone in these big blue homes.

We have phones that make calls from afar,
we're rich on the social network-
yet poor socially and fail to ajar-
when we're up close trying to connect.

Those who beauty romps their heads,
run thick make up to keep them ahead,
making up for the lack of confidence
which should be beauty's quintessence.

For eventually the forged beauty goes to waste-
as it's limited, stuck only to the face...
Yet if you know your worth n look like a moth,
hell will fall from spears of eyes but you'll be tough!

Beauty can get you what you want,
yet it's deceit that beauty is all one needs...
For a house that's unfinished on the outside,
could be a well furnished home on the inside...

The vast clothes we fold in our closets,
make us feel like lords dressed in gold,
and it's not that this applies to most;
the mongers hoard is just appalling!

For there's no worth in tons of cloth,
ayeh, it's subtle if you are charitable,
and your heart of gold is amicable
and when you care it's genuine.

But of course a Porsche to some is better than a horse,
yet there is no value of life in fleets of porches.
So a Porsche just to floss is worth the applause
but a ranch full of horses brings mercy from God.

For to preserve life, values life.
to live "the life" endangers life.
Take the life of a leader who's a giver,
or that of a queen who shops as peasants hunger.

Then of the things that make life sweet;

We shouldn't slip and fall to our knees-
to be victims of honey's slippery defeat...
The drugs, sex, money, and power,
are things that bring us to our knees
'cause we seek out of desperate need.

When we strive to achieve all these dreams,
some live to deceive to achieve,
some kill with belief they'll achieve,
some find peace in their satisfied needs....

It's important to know there's a key you hold...
Riches might make you bold on your way to gold,
ayeh, this world is cold if a friend has no hand to hold.
so learn to strive but strive to learn;

What riches can earn and the worth of plenty riches.

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